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i am constantly begging the universe for an explanation as to why some things happen but it continues to make clear to me it will never come and I've just gotta take it. i just want to be better for the people around me but maybe it'll never be enough. oh well

i don't really enjoy vague tweeting like this but im so scared all of the time and it weighs on me.. i still don't know what i did wrong in his eyes and i likely never will and that'll haunt me forever but all I have are tweets

in my head i am the badass that gets him removed from campus but in my heart i know i could only hide in bed and hope he never finds my dorm. it won't ever feel better and i just have to forget. but it's gonna take a while

can't sleep because I had a paralyzing panic attack that somebody I used to know would show up on my college campus one day and I'd see him across the street and be unable to operate for hours after. i know he has friends here and it's possible

constantly forgetting to do basic things in favor of being stupid

hop along - bark your head off, dog 1st pressing /500 this color combo is gorgeous in person

me and my roommate are losing our shit over these because i accidentally called them sneakachus

my landlord , wavves, said i’ll lose my security deposit for making my apartment smell like weed unless i invite him to my next “toke sesh”

my landlord wavves is so annoying he finally fixed the water but installed speakers that play his song "you're welcome" every time you run the faucet

wavves becoming a landlord is like such a good primer on how 2019 is going to feel i think. there are several layers of idiocy involved i cannot reckon with it on a base level honest to god

mutuals only and I mean it follow my AD t-hanks

i want to start using my AD but I have no followers. you would all have to follow me on my AD and also compliment me on all of my features. In return I will compliment you.. can you do that for me Twitter?

this isn't even horny i just had a bunch of snickers but the fun sized ones. It's unrelated

i love attention. im like a dog. pet me. im small and fluffy

when your commission arrives and it's just, so good

the game being decided on the ot coin toss was bullshit honestly if the chiefs had the first possession they would've scored a touchdown too

...and the offensive line continues to allow the sack at the worst possible moment

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empty air space

there's nothing here!