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The last sight of many a lonely person on Valentine's Day.

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thanks to @shellsist@twitter.com for making my dreams real

unknown mortal orchestra - sex and food - vmp blue pressing with foil sleeve

girlpool - what chaos is imaginary indie store "translucent pineapple" pressing

thanks to @shellsist@twitter.com for making my dreams real

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this is still my all time favorite david byrne moment

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MS Paint Chibi for @tangledfur@twitter.com! 🍐

(at work and nobody's come in the store for twenty minutes)
(i fall asleep on the floor)
(door opens)

hop along - bark your head off, dog 1st pressing /500 this color combo is gorgeous in person

me and my roommate are losing our shit over these because i accidentally called them sneakachus

when your commission arrives and it's just, so good

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