local secondhand record store buy. it's a really lovely color, this is the rare Urban outfitters pressing. only god can judge me for buying Grimes in 2018 and Oblivion is a bop

clear vinyl is neat but the rest of this packaging is pretty weak (paper inner sleeves!!) and im hearing reports of lots of surface noise :(

two records here - a lovely moses sumney VMP pressing, well worn but very playable, and a Melody's Echo Chamber the discogs seller threw in for free - never listened but will give it a spin soon

while there's uh... very little pink to this pink-in-electric blue record, im extremely happy to own this Ricky Eat Acid /200 especially considering I think I was literally the last purchase lmao

hop along - bark your head off, dog 1st pressing /500 this color combo is gorgeous in person


girlpool - what chaos is imaginary indie store "translucent pineapple" pressing

unknown mortal orchestra - sex and food - vmp blue pressing with foil sleeve

william bonney - all ten - metallic gold /300 - midwest emo at its finest

jeff rosenstock - POST- - early bird black/light blue quad /2000, 180g, this picture looks weirdly edited but I swear that's just the weird lighting

duster - capsule losing contact - "moon dust" /500 - the presentation of this whole box set is really incredible and the vinyl looks so good (sort of wish it was black-in-white instead of black-in-clear but! nitpick)

frank ocean - channel orange (djx bootleg, /500, purple marbled??)

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