the what dog site said I'm a poodle and I need my friends to tell me whether I actually look like a poodle

fucked up that the new york times website has a comments section

building a stairway so that i might duel god out of discarded boxed waters, which is more environmentally friendly and also more practical

The last sight of many a lonely person on Valentine's Day.

the gameplay of hotline miami 2 was designed to make fun of you for enjoying hotline miami 1

Host: After several months searching and multiple wrong numbers, me and Tom Chaplin agreed to meet somewhere, due to privacy reasons, only we know.

thanks to for making my dreams real

unknown mortal orchestra - sex and food - vmp blue pressing with foil sleeve

gotta get up, gotta get up - SNOOZE! (song pauses for ten minutes) gotta get up, gotta get up - SNOOZE! (song pau

girlpool - what chaos is imaginary indie store "translucent pineapple" pressing

thanks to for making my dreams real

the next logical step is for wendys to make a personal for mutuals only

I'm not happy with or proud of the kind of things I've been posting on here but also I don't know how to delete my account or stop myself from saying things I don't like.

i like to imagine there's no actual rules for being a referee and it's all just interpretive dance like honestly what does the referee mean? who knows?

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