everyone on league keeps calling me an "egirl." what does this mean?

every night on a sticky note I write "I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU" in black sharpie and place it on the wall next to me. i forget i wrote it and when i wake up the homoerotic energy of my potential unknown rival who broke into my home to deliver this message recharges me

i cannot be perceived but continue to effect the world around me in mysterious and unknowable ways, and that's ok!

i never listen to the last two songs of an album. entirely unnecessary. every song on an album is basically the same anyway

me, watching a movie: wow! what a plot twist!

my friend, who replies to everything on twitter with reaction images: they had us in the first half, not gonna lie

no matter how many times i click the "accept and move on" button on all these different websites asking about my cookies i'm far from acceptance and i'm not sure i'll ever move on. but i appreciate it all the same

really all of cosmic hero is just perfect. especially the horns

there's literally no better encapsulation of my present internal rage than "i will go to heaven / you won't go to heaven / i will go to heaven / i wont see you there"

hi i'm kay!
i make music: roleplaying.band
i collect vinyl: discogs.com/user/tangledfur
AD (mutuals only): @openmouthedboy@twitter.com
discord and telegram available upon request
i do not have other social media accounts
LoL (NA): furbait
LoL (EUW): fursona
that's about it

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List of streets and squares in Stuttgart

should i go to AC? (im going to AC probably so there's no poll here. i pose the question so that my followers feel engaged and stimulated, which is important to proper development)

i logged into league for the first time in six months what is UP add me on my EUW acct "furbait"

like whatever pokemon they don't include are just stuck in pokemon bank / pokemon home i guess...

you can't transfer pokemon outside the galar pokedex into sword / shield... i am so mad right now

im so sad i can't spin any of my records while im in germany... i want to listen to my copy of Flamagra

me (in the mosh pit): heey... tryin to get thru here... beep beep lol...

oh you're too good for serifs now? is that it?

you are all no help.
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should i put more details on my profile or leave it mysterious. y'all decide

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