glad we've all collectively agreed the bass pro shops pyramid is a modern cultural artifact on par with the notre dame or library of alexandria. the next logical step is to burn it down

it's time to stop fucking around and get serious (buys an electric cello)

you used your arms to wield a sword which cut my arms off... in the "biz" (as they say) we call that dramatic irony, you know

now im on a toll road / trying to drive home

hoping to one day win rateyourmusic. final boss is convincing everyone hospice is good actually

growing up (for me) was realizing that living in san francisco was not an ideal to be working towards. also that numbers are neat

courtney barnett, holding me at gunpoint: so i was at the grocery store with my friend, right

me: right

barnett: she said, you've got to buy organic. not the cheap shit. not so much a health thing as supporting independent business

me: of course, of course

an ok rsd... wake up at 445am only to lose out on the sumney and idles but snag dg, robyn, flaming lips

whenever i see a bad take on my timeline i hit the bad take haver with a cardboard tube. whap

zach hill wearing a crop top that says "you are not immune to propaganda"

frank ocean - channel orange (djx bootleg, /500, purple marbled??)

(points at musical genre) what if it was FOLK? (audience cheers)

hey everyone. remember ken bone? that's all, thank you

genie: you have three wishes. choose wis-
me: i wanna be able to hold my tongue when stupid drama crosses my timeline
genie: very wise of you

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